How To Relight The Pilot On A Gas Furnace, Before Calling For Repair

What happens when you turn the thermostat on for your furnace and nothing happens?

You look at the furnace, it just doesn’t do anything, there’s no fire down there, no flame or anything like that. Before you call for furnace repair, check: Well the first thing to check is the fan limit switch. I want you to take a close look at this part here. Notice sometimes times these things have a galvanized cover over them, this one doesn’t. Right now, to find out if there is power to the furnace, first I’m going to just go ahead and push it in.How to light a [pilot light

If you want to watch the video, check it out here:

OK, You can hear the fan come on, it’s not very loud, but it’s running so you know you have power.

So know there is power to the furnace but there’s no pilot light.

Let’s see if we can figure out how to light this pilot. What we’re going to look at first is the gas valve.

Gas valves are all different, there’s a whole bunch of different ones, but I notice on this one, the on position is right next to this little button sticking up here.So what I’m going to have to do is I’m going to have to get this into the pilot position. I’m just going to wiggle it around a little bit and see if i can get it to go over there and sometimes they’re a little bit bulky when they haven’t been used for a long time.

Once you have the pilot position selected, when you light the pilot you’re going to hold the button.

Next step is to see if we can find a pilot. If you look at that silver tube right here, you follow that silver to see it comes from the gas valve you can see where it goes fromn the gas valve right there but then it goes down into the furnace. Now this is where it gets a little hard to see what’s going on.We can see this tube going down inside right here. Focusing in, if you look here that little tube is pointing up,you can see there’s this white discoloration there,that’s above the pilot light, so it’s pretty good idea of the pilot light.

So we’re going to try to light that pilot. This is its kind of the hardest part of doing this is tofind out where that pilot is. I’m holding the button, on the gas valve down, you can use a propane torch to light it, although sometimes it overpowers and puts the pilot back out again. Or you can use a lighter or a long match.

I’m going to go over this again and show you how the button works. If you let go of the button, right after you’ve lit the pilot, the flame will go out. The flame has to heat up[ the thermocouiple tip, to stay on. You have to keep pressing the button, they say for a minute after you light the pilot, usually you can hold it for about 20 seconds. If it won’t, hold it for a minute you can try it longer and it may shut down.

But it also may not, if the pilot stays on when you let loose of the button, everything’s okay.

Now you can see I’m pushing down on this button and I’m going to get close up to the pilot again and kill the light so you can see now when I let off the button, the flame goes out. OK you can try, realizing if it continues to go out every time you let loose of the button and your flames a good blue flame like the one you saw in there then you’ve got another problem.We’ll have to look at the other possibilities of what has happened. Anyway that’s how to relight the pilot. and I’ll check out replacing the thermocouple tip.